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Welcome to Lotus Medical Staffing – Specializing in Staffing the Operating Room
Lotus Medical Staffing is a Locum Tenen and Permanent Placement agency. We specialize in staffing the operating rooms with Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and Surgeons throughout the U.S. Our philosophy is simple and based on a “one on one” relationship between you and your recruiter who are always available 24/7. Our mission is to grow careers and practices by placing highly qualified clinicians in settings where they can maximize their clinical skills and leadership experience. As our client, our mission is to partner with you throughout the hiring process; filling your openings with providers that will be committed to quality patient care at your facility and in your community.

In working with Lotus Medical Staffing we promise to hold your search with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, and will never disclose your identity without your permission.

Locum Tenens – Temporary Placement of Providers
Facilities utilize locum coverage for many reasons. We contract with these facilities and obtain a complete job description of what you can expect when you walk through the doors of your locum assignment. These assignments vary in length due to their shortage or needs.
Permanent Placement – Offering career growth throughout the U.S.
If you are seeking a better quality of life, a desire to be closer to family, challenge your clinical skills, or obtain a leadership position, Lotus Medical has a positon for you. During our prescreen process we will gather details of your ideal job and disclose the positions that meet your requests. We have superb opportunities throughout the U.S, ranging from suburban to rural locations.
Employers – Staffing your Operating Rooms
You will find that our team is comprised of seasoned experts in various industry markets, staffing models, and types of cases involved at your facility. We ensure any locums or permanent candidate presented to you have all of the qualifications and recent experience necessary to perform the duties required of your opening.
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"My experience with Lotus Medical Staffing has been nothing but exceptional. My point of contact, Mr. Jack Sullivan is always available & willing to assist me in any manner, even after business hours or on holidays. Jack is the best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure to be affiliated with. It is with support like this that over the past year as a locum CRNA I have been able to pay over 100K on student loans. I don't know if I ever will be a staff CRNA again. I would not hesitate to engage Lotus in future locum assignments. This organization is what all other professional medical staffing agencies should emulate."



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