Refer a Friend

Lotus Medical Staffing Provider referral program, effective as of 1/1/2020.

Refer a friend or colleague; anyone can refer and earn our bonus. Earn up to $250 for every provider you refer which is not previously known to LMS that is placed by Lotus in a permanent position as a result of the referral. Locum Tenen referrals do not apply

Permanent Placement Referral: Once your provider referral completes 90 days at the client’s facility with a Lotus client as a result of LMS placing the provider in a permanent position, you will earn a $250 referral bonus.

Making a referral is easy. Simply click here and fill out our online form, or call 855-270-4960 and we will take all the information required for your referral bonus.

Referrals should be people you know through a personal connection such as friend, family or colleague. No one person can refer more than 10 providers without prior written permission from Lotus Medical Staffing. You must receive a confirmation of “no prior knowledge” from Lotus Medical Staffing for each provider referred, to qualify for the program.

Lotus Medical Staffing reserves the right to change the rules of this program at any time and without advance notice.